A guide to sanitize kitchen tools at home.

First, we hope is everyone safe and staying healthy during this unprecedented time. This is a hard situation for all of us, indeed! 

With so many changes and many restrictions in our daily routine during this social distancing period, our passion and desire to deliver high quality and nutritious organic products remains the same. 

We believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to build immunity, nurture our body with vitamins and minerals, and prevent us from getting sick. 

Healthy hygiene starts before we even chop the produce we've bought - it starts with our hands and our kitchen tools. Beyond viruses, we also want to avoid the growth of germs and bacteria. These are sanitizing steps we take in our kitchens at home and when we prepare our products for you.

These are important steps to properly clean and sanitize our kitchen tools at home: 

  • Fill the sink with warm to hot water and antibacterial detergent.
  • Submerge used kitchen tools including pots, pans, spatulas, cutting board in the soapy water sink. DO NOT PUT KNIVES and ANY SHARP OBJECTS in the sink. (instead scrub and wash them by hand separately)
  • Scrub the tools or equipment with a brush or sponge, making sure to remove any food debris and residual organic matter. Remove them from the sink and air dry them on the counter top.


You can avoid the exposure to bleach when sanitizing kitchen tools by using white vinegar. 

  • Combine water and an equal amount of distilled, white vinegar, and then pour this mixture into a clean spray bottle. Spray your tools with vinegar-water mixture, wait several minutes, and dry them using clean kitchen towel. Want to get rid of vinegar smell? Simply rinse all your kitchen tools with your dish soap once more time.


  • Simply squeeze some lemon juice on the kitchen tools and, if possible, let it sit over night. Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer. 

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