Make Your Parenting Journey a Real Joy with Handy Apps

 written by Josh Moore, from

If you’ve lived through the many challenges of conception, then you’ve triumphed over half the battle!

Parenting will undoubtedly come with its own trials, but if there’s one thing that you’ve proven thus far, it’s that nothing is insurmountable. It’s a good idea to go on this journey with assistive tools that make parenting a walk in the park, or at least as close to it as you can get!

Here’s a handful of nifty apps to get you started:


Cozi Family Organizer

As your household grows, you will inevitably find that things won’t always run as smoothly as you’d like. In this regard, Cozi Family Organizer is a real godsend as it not only helps you run a tight ship, but as Develop Good Habits points out, it also ensures that you can find little pockets of quality time for the entire family to enjoy. 

At its most basic level, Cozi is a shared calendar that you can personalize and color-code for each family member. It also has a roster of added features that you can use to plan meals, create to-do and shopping lists, and even keep a family journal, which really sets it apart from other shared calendars.


The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app is an offshoot of the popular book with the same title. This makes it a worthy addition to your arsenal of parenting apps as it gives you the full knowledge and benefit of the book in a more user-friendly and interactive format.

With The Wonder Weeks’ heavy focus on your baby’s mental milestones, Lifehacker notes you will find answers to why they seem to be suddenly regressing after weeks of progress, ranging from sleeping patterns to fussiness. These milestones are all based on decades of research and organized as “leaps,” so you not only get practical information on each one but even anticipate them as they come.


Milestone Memories

A sibling of The Wonder Weeks app, Milestone Memories gives you a platform in which to visually track your baby’s unique development. Also based on The Wonder Weeks book, Milestone Memories gives you a milestone checklist of sorts. You can then snap pictures of your baby based on these milestones and upload them, so you get a perfect timeline of how your baby has grown and developed in the first 20 months.


Sleep Baby Sleep

Of course, your baby’s sleep is always one of the most pressing concerns in parenting. No doubt, it’s your fervent desire that your baby sleeps through the night with minimal fuss, for both your sakes. 

There are numerous sleep apps available today that seek to make this happen, but Sleep Baby Sleep undoubtedly led the way with its wide variety of available white noises and very nifty timer function. Not only does it help lull the wee one to sleep, but it also guarantees that your baby—and by extension, you—stay asleep longer, too



While the above apps are in the realm of parenting, it's also a good idea to expand your repertoire with a few good non-parenting-specific apps. Doing so can make things easier for you and leave you with more time to spend with your little one.

For instance, if you're planning to move your family into a new home, Redfin's app can simplify the process. It includes search filters to help you find listings that match your preferences, and when you do find a house you want to check out, you can use the app to schedule a video tour with an agent.

Indeed, a baby is a real blessing. By making use of these helpful apps, you not only make your life as a parent a little less challenging and hectic, but you can fully bask in the real joy of parenting. Making the most of every parenting moment has never been easier!

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