Night Time Feeds | Helpful Tips for Moms

We get it! Nighttime feeds are one of many things that are so challenging for new moms. 

Sleep deprivation, mental and physical exhaustion, and the challenge to nourish our new baby while trying to maintain our own health could be overwhelming. But be patient mamas, because the precious little miracle you're holding will bring great joy in your life and makes it all well worth it. Plus, while it might not seem like it right now, most breastfeeding journeys are a short piece of childhood.

A big thanks to our mom friends, who understand and have universally experienced the ups and downs of night-time feeds. We asked these kind humans to share their survival guides and hope the tips make your nights a little easier. 

These are 7 things that could help new moms during night-time feeds:

1. A glass of water with lots of ice at your bedside.

Not only will this hydrate you, the ice water could help keep you more awake while feeding your baby (when all you want to do is snooze). 

2. Snacks.

Anything easy to pop in your mouth is a great choice. We are partial to oatmeal raisin bites, granola bars, and lactation cookies in particular. 

3. Games.

Whether it is solitaire, Tetris, or Candy Crush, anything that keeps you entertained will help you occupied while feeding your baby. 

4. A favorite show.

30 minutes of your favorite TV show re-run could help improve your mood. {Remember Sex and the City?} Keep headphones at the ready too, and baby will be none the wiser.

5. Make yourself comfortable.

Sit on a comfortable couch, or a rocking chair, listen to soft music to help you relax, put your feet up, and look closely at those tiny feet you are holding. 

6. Ask for help.

Ask your partner to hold the baby right after the feeding time, and help to put the baby to bed so you can get a little snooze before the next feeding begins. During the day time, don't hesitate to ask your parents, in-laws, best friends, or sisters, to help with the baby so you can get some rest. 

7. Write in a journal.

This may seem cliche, but for some people, writing helps ease anxiety. Develop a gratitude practice and note what you are grateful for, write about the latest developmental milestone your baby has reached, write about how their smile makes you feel - all of this will remind you of the beautiful creation that you are nourishing.

If writing is not your cup of tea, just post a note "You Got This!" on the side of your bed.   


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