5 Ways To Care For Yourself During The Pandemic's Latest Surge

Hey Mama, 

What a year we've been through so far!

Since the pandemic still isn't done with us, preparing your body with vitamins and immunity boosting foods could help you and your family to get through this new wave of the pandemic. Don't forget that flu season is also upon us, and along with your flu shot, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce your influenza risk.

Back in April, my primary doctor tested positive for COVID-19. He felt incredibly sick for two weeks, but thankfully recovered and has gone back to full duty ever since. In a recent trip to his office, I couldn't help asking him questions about what everyone can do to boost their immune system. I wanted to share with you what we talked about. 

5 Things You Should Do To Increase Immunity (during the pandemic): 

1.Take a Zinc supplement

Zinc is a nutrient found throughout your body that helps your immune system and metabolism function. It helps for wound healing and your sense of taste and smell. You can get zinc from chicken, red meat, shellfish, dairy, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. Since your body doesn't store zinc, it is important to eat food that high in zinc or take a supplement. 

Want a whole grain breakfast or snack? We have plenty of options that make mornings easy. Check our menu to pick your favorites!

2. Take Vitamin D-3 and Vitamin C

Now that cold season is also here, you may want to stay in cozy pajamas all day and spend less time outside the home. But your body needs Vitamin D to regulate the absorption of calcium in your bones and muscles, to help reduce anxiety, and to fight viruses.

Since you may not be in the sun every day, vitamin D-3 supplements are the best option to get the vitamins into your body. 

Vitamin C is known to help build immunity, to help repair body tissues and in wound healing. Taking these supplements every day could help to fight viruses, and get better skin!

3.Take a walk 

Even if you're tired or don't feel like it, taking a brisk walk for a couple of minutes helps to improve your mood and help reduce symptoms of anxiety, sadness, and depression. Improving your mental health also helps with physical health, so it all comes full circle.

Too cold outside? Just put more layers on and reward yourself with a big mug of hot chocolate afterward.

4. Pick the right alcohol as a disinfectant. 

Your hand sanitizer should be at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) remind us that hand sanitizers with less than 60% alcohol in their ingredients may not be able to kill microbes as effectively.  

5. Manage your stress.

Do not underestimate the connection between mind and body. If your mind is suffering from anxiety and stress, it takes a toll on the body and weakens the immune system. This could make you vulnerable to colds or infections. 

Surround yourself with people who bring support, love, and positivity to your life. 

If you haven't already, start practicing gratitude and mindfulness to promote relaxation and calmness. 

Limit screen time (and yes! we're talking to adults here), be present, and spend more time with your loved ones. 



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