Things to Do With a Dad on Father's Day

Right around the corner is the holiday that I've found the most challenging for gifting: Father's Day! I don't know about the man in your life, but my husband is hard to shop for.  Usually when I ask him what he wants, he'll just say "time with my family". Which is impossibly sweet but also makes giving him something hard! I'm a gift giver, in case you hadn't noticed, so I like to have a "thing" either from my or my little boys to give him.  This year though, it seems like a good year to both take him at his word, but also plan something unique and fun to do. So I thought I'd write up these ideas for you to enjoy too! In these times of social distancing, a lot of normally fun things to do are on hold.

1. Nature Hike

While it seems silly to write basically "go for a walk" actually finding a nice nature hike (or walk) takes some legwork (sorry). Planning it out in advance: finding a nice nearby trail, figuring out parking, and packing everything needed for the family outing is definitely work! So taking this on surely would allow for your partner to relax and enjoy.  Making it a picnic lunch, and assembling everything - even if you just put store-bought sandwiches and a cookie in a backpack - will also make the outing more of a special event. Just don't forget the water!

2. Take-out Father's Day Dinner

A restaurant local to where Hey Mama Kitchen is based, called The Cookery, is offering a Father's Day menu for a family style take-out dinner plus optional cocktails. Maybe there's a local restaurant in your area that is doing something similar, or is just his favorite restaurant. Grab your dinner from there and get the feel-good bonus of supporting a local restaurant who needs your patronage right now.

3. Breakfast in Bed

This is my own extended family's tradition. On birthdays, and then Mother's and Father's Day, we'd bring the celebrant their favorite breakfast in bed. It was a special treat, obviously, because it only happened once or twice a year.  We'd let my dad sleep in, then make him breakfast, and bring it up once we thought he was awake. Then we'd all climb in bed with him and have a sleepy chat while he ate.  These are lovely memories, beyond just being a treat for dad.

4. Give Time

Maybe there's a project he's been wanting to tackle, or a hobby that's particularly important to him that he's had to do less or none of due to the pandemic's constraints on a proper work/life balance. Whatever it is, keep the kiddos away long enough for him to accomplish whatever that is.  Or press the kiddos into service to help, monitoring the situation in case help becomes "help". Maybe he doesn't want to accomplish anything at all, and actually do nothing. That is good for him too!

5. Fly a Kite!

Kites are really fun, fairly inexpensive and you have to be socially distanced to fly them! Take the family to a local (open) beach or park and take turns trying it. I did this with my husband recently and the boyish look on his face when flying it was worth the outing on it's own.  He taught our 4 year old how to do it, helped him manage wind changes, and it was a bonding experience for everyone.


There are so many other outdoor things for when the weather is nice - a family bike ride, walks, just sitting in the yard blowing bubbles. Making sure my husband gets some self-care time is just as important as taking it for myself. During isolation and social distancing, the small things become even more important, so whatever small experience or acknowledgement of how important the dad in your life is to you is likely to be even more welcoming this year than in previous years.  We are grateful to the dads who support our business, both the customers and our own husbands.  We love you!


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