Train Like an Ironman



We all want to be healthy and do what's best for ourselves and our bodies.

With so many different kind of dietary programs out there, finding the perfect diet (the food we eat) and perfect workout for our body is very confusing and overwhelming at the same time. 

So this week I had the amazing opportunity to sit with David Guilford and ask questions about how to practice healthy lifestyle. David is particularly well suited for my questions as he is the founder of Raw Endurance Tri Camp in New York. 

David is a New York City Firefighter and triathlete. He has been participating in triathlons since 2005 and has competed in numerous sprint, Olympic and half Ironman distance races, not to mention finishing Ironman Lake Placid twice. 

From a stair workout to energy boosting food, David shares his daily routine and exercise anyone can practice, whether it's to gain strength, sustain energy or just feel healthier and more energetic. 



S: Hi Dave, congratulations on launching Raw Endurance Tri Camp. Tell us what made you start this company? 

D: I started this company to provide a logistics service for triathlon teams so that their members can train together for specific races. We also host our own camps that are open to the public for anyone to join. We take care of all the plans and allocate all resources necessary for a successful and fun experience.


S: As a firefighter and an athlete yourself, what kind of exercise do you do to maintain your strength and energy? 

D: My fitness routines vary. Sometimes they are structured and deliberate, like when training for a specific race, and other times are easy going and light. They include strength with weights, core work, band and balance work and cardio. Functional training such as stairs in our protective Bunker gear and sled push and pulls are some of the specific exercises that are good to do. 

S: What is band work?

D: Resistance bands. Usually they are used for the lower body and hips to get those smaller stabilizing muscles that usually fatigue early if they are weak.

S: What do you do for special training before a race? 

D: I will follow specific swim bike run workouts to gradually build fitness over a period of months. This is called Periodization. I break the months down and train specifically for each month starting with a solid aerobic foundation and then introduce higher intensities and longer duration as the months go by.    

S: Any other routines that are important to you? 

D: I will make sure to incorporate massage and acupuncture sessions to address any ailments and be sure to get plenty of sleep to aid in recovery. 

S: That is so fascinating! Now let’s talk about my favorite subject, which is food! As a full time chef and a mom of a 3 year old, my body is usually in need of energy. What kind of food can people take daily to boost energy levels? 

D: So we can get energy by consuming easily digested, wholesome foods with natural fats, proteins, and natural sugar. Dates, honey, oats, almonds, chia seeds, dried berries, maca, and chocolate are all good choices for sustained energy. 

S: I’ve seen so many protein bars in health stores these days. When should we eat those, and what does it do to our body?

D: Protein bars are ideal to eat post workout to aid in recovery. These usually have a higher protein content to assist with the muscle rebuilding process. Nuts, nut butter, quinoa, and plant protein like peas are the smart choices here. 

S: Switching gears, please tell me more about your camp - are lodging and meals taken care of?

D: Yes! Those are included. We book accommodations at lodges or houses, make reservations at local restaurants or prepare food at the lodge/house. There will be coaches to lead the workouts and discussions about nutrition, planning, strategy and safety.

S: I’ve never trained for a marathon or a triathlon before. Can a beginner like me sign up?

D: Yes of course you can! These camps for all levels. If we have a large group with various fitness and experience levels, we break the group into two Squads and have appropriate workouts for each. 

S: Thank you so much for spending time with us here. Lastly, where can people find you? 

D: You’re welcome! You can find us at, facebook, and instagram, or you’ll see me around Manhattan in the firetruck!  

Stay healthy & see you at the camp! 




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