About Us

Hey Mama Kitchen was started by two friends who met in a breastfeeding support class, as they both struggled to breastfeed their sons while feeding themselves nutritious meals.  Selvia and Caitlin bonded over their struggle and noticed what little support other new mothers were getting with meals that were packed with nutrition and didn’t cost a fortune or require much preparation.

Hey Mama Kitchen is on a mission to nourish anyone who is looking to incorporate a holistic diet, one that restores and revitalizes the body to meet the challenges of motherhood, recovery from illness or just a challenging career.

We are passionate about supporting mothers and serving nutritious snacks without any preservatives using the most natural ingredients.


hey mama kitchen chef selvia

Selvia is a trained pastry chef and a plant-based food blogger whose primary passion is creating balanced, home-cooked meals for her son and husband. Growing up on Java Island, Indonesia, her love for food started in her own mother’s kitchen at home, where she learned to bake and cook from scratch using fresh and local produce from the market.

She also learned about nutrition and Ayurvedic style cooking. Selvia believes that eating well-balanced, nutritious food and practicing a healthy lifestyle is a human necessity, so we all can take better care of our family, community and the earth itself. The most rewarding part of her work is delivering her passion into reality and making a positive impact to the recipients by sharing her skills and knowledge about food as a healing tool, one that anyone can start today. Selvia loves to use her skills to give back to the community by volunteering as a baking instructor for Mentari, a non profit organization fighting human trafficking.


hey mama founder caitlin

Caitlin is a parenting podcaster, professional photographer and search marketer. Through the experience of new motherhood, she realized that while there were a ton of resources online for new moms, there wasn't a lot of easy, nutritious food options for someone trying to get to know their new human, keeping them nurtured and healthy while feeding themselves healthy meals. This was compounded by her experience as a newborn photographer, walking into new parents' homes as they try to adjust to new life, often setting aside their own needs in the process. It became her passion to develop something that focused on moms so they could focus on their babies.

Judy McArdle, IBCLC

Judy is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and has worked as a Lactation Consultant for over 25 years.  Judy consults with Hey Mama Kitchen on our ingredients and breastfeeding in general, something we couldn't be more grateful for!